In September 2014 I met Mariëlle Coppes from Magical Daydream.

It was the first week of taking my PBA in E-Concept Development. It was a fun and creative week but most of all inspiring and I decided I wanted to try and make a creative blog as well.

Over half a year and a lots of thinking on a blog concept later, I finally got started. A bit spontaneous and in the middle of stressing about finding an internship but I did it and now I cannot wait to really get started.

Being creative has been a part of my life since childhood. My sister and I were often engaged in creative activities like painting and drawing, paper arts and lots more. Our mother would often sew doll clothes and at least once a year make us some new clothes (I still have some fabric leftover from back then 😉 ).

Since then, my idea of creativity has expanded to areas I never really considered creative before. Now I see that creativity is not just about what you make but also the way you think – your imagination.

Showing off my creativity or making my ideas reality has never been easy for me with my shyness and doubts about my own abilities. It has gotten better over the years and now I’m taking another huge step by making this blog.

This blog will be filled with creative activities and discussions in many categories and the occasional off topic randomness.

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