My Creative Goals and Projects for 2016

Besides working more on Creative Kirk (see last post), I have other creative goals and projects I am going to be working on this year.

Share your creative plans for 2016 in the comments down below.

Creative Goals and Projects


baby blanket in the making

baby blanket in the making

Crocheting is one of my favourite hobbies, actually my number one creative passion. Especially because I find it easy to make my own patterns and one of my dreams is to make my own patterns and maybe sell them. I love crocheting for dolls and children so those will be my main focus but I also love decorations, adult clothing and accessories. I intend to challenge and improve my crocheting skills this year.

Graphics Design

One of the things I love working with as a Multi Media Designer is Graphics Design. Creating a visual identity that spans online and offline platforms is a lot of fun and an art form I wish to make a living out off. I will be working with logos, vector graphics and gifs.

Web Design

Web Design is a huge part of being a Multi Media Designer and coding websites in HTML and CSS is a lot of fun for me. My goal is to become better not just with HTML and CSS but also other coding languages such as JavaScript and PHP. Making themes for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other CMS platforms is also on my list of things to try.


Since I was young I have loved to write stories and I have a lot of ideas I want to get out into the world and see what people think. I love period, romantic, fairy tales, fantasy and science fiction for all ages. This blog is one of the ways I am improving my writing skill.

Traditional and Digital Art

house painted in photoshop

house painted in photoshop

I love painting and drawing with traditional media such acrylics but painting and drawing can also be done digitally via the computer and with a drawing tablet it is almost as if you are using pencils and brushes. I want to work on my photo manipulation skills and I am planning on sharing my techniques here through tutorials.

Computer Music

Many years ago I discovered Computer Music because I wanted to teach myself to compose music and computer music made by putting samples together sounded like a good starting. I have not done so much with it for the last couple of years but really want to get into it again. I will soon be uploading the music I have made so far to my YouTube channel Blatis Nugas Productions. I will probably also find a site where I can sell them but I want to see what people think of my music before I start selling so maybe in a half to whole year.

Gameplay YouTuber

I have been in love with YouTube gamers for about a year now and I am itching to try it myself. They all make it seem like so much fun and I already have a lot of ideas for games and Let’s Plays as they are called, series of gameplay for a specific game sort of like a walk-through. I want to practice for a couple of months before I start uploading videos and I also need to upgrade my desktop computer to a more powerful gaming PC to be able to provide high quality videos and smooth gameplay. When I do start uploading it will be to my WiKiS Plays channel.

Additional Creativity

Besides these creative goals and projects I also want to improve my sewing, cardmaking and much more that i will of course be sharing the results of here.

Be sure to tell me your goals and which of my adventures you are looking forward to following me embark on.

Until the next post. Follow your creative dreams with passion!