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Epic Inspirational Music and More: 25+ Songs

Today I am sharing epic inspirational music and more. I have found 25 songs that I absolutely adore but there are so many other songs that I would highly recommend you looking into it yourselves.

Music is a huge part of life. It can make us feel all kinds of emotions. And just think what a movie or series would be like without music to set the mood. A scary scene would not be as scary without the music to help you feel what the protagonist is feeling.

This is list of my favourite songs, with and without vocals. They inspire me to be creative, pick me up when I am down, and stirs my emotions. I also have a few links to some music that can help you concentrate when studying or writing, and that I use myself when I need to focus.

Most of these songs are non-mainstream meaning you probably would not hear them on the radio. You can for sure find them on YouTube and there are millions of music pieces like these if you search for “epic music”. Some I found when watching Minecraft speed build videos.

There are channels dedicated to sharing this kind of music and I will share links to some of them at the end of the post as well as a few of my favourite artists. You will probably recognize some of the music from movie trailers, games and documentaries.

Epic Inspirational Music

  1. “Aeon” by Nick Murray ft. Juliet Lyons – Cinderella Trailer Music
  2. audiomachine – Wars Of Faith
  3. Epic Score – Liberators (Epic Powerful Hybrid Action)
  4. Two Steps From Hell – Heart of Courage (Invincible)
  5. Phillip Lober – Final Light (ft. Kelly Ryu) [Emotional Uplifting Strings]

  6. ReallySlowMotion Music – Argon (Epic Sci-Fi Action Drama)
  7. Two Steps From Hell – Miracles (Miracles)
  8. Epic Emotional | Colossal Trailer Music – Faith 
  9. Maxime Luft- Beyond Our Hearts (2015 Epic Emotional Adventure Orchestral Drama) 
  10. Epic Music Collection Mix Vol 1 | World of Duelyst
    This is actually the soundtrack to a game that I have never played but I love the music.
  11. Master of Tides – Lindsey Stirling
  12. Really Slow Motion – Suns and Stars (Elevation)

  13. Killer Tracks – Dimensions (Epic Intense Inspirational Hybrid Drama) 
  14. Lindsey Stirling – Dragon Age 
  15. John Dreamer – Dark Souls 2 EPIC MUSIC “True Strength”
    Dark Souls is not exactly my game but this song is so beautiful!
  16. Epic Fantasy Music – Dragon Empress 
  17. Barbie Dreamtopia Trailer Music (“A Moment of Clarity” by Nick Murray)
  18. ALEXandR – To the End and Back (Epic Dramatic Adventure)

  19. Colossal Trailer Music – Rasa [Beautiful Powerful Orchestral]
  20. audiomachine – Transcendence
  21. C21 FX – Ancient Evil [Epic Dramatic Orchestral]
  22. Really Slow Motion – Heartbeat (Epic Vocal) 
  23. Introvert – Glow (Epic Inspirational Powerful Dramatic) 
  24. Most Beautiful Piano Music: “Promises” [HD] Claudie Mackula 
  25. audiomachine – When It All Falls Down

Music to Help You Concentrate

These are really long videos but they are so worth trying out if you are one of those who, like me, sometimes needs help concentrating or relaxing.

Favourite Channels

Favourite Artists

I hope you will enjoy this musical inspiration post and please share in the comments and on social media your favourite inspirational music.